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22 Top Trends in SEO in 2022

SEO Industry Trends 2022

Staying on top of the trends in SEO in 2022 takes some work, but with our list, you can easily get to grips with what to expect this year!

There has quite possibly never been a more important time to pay attention to, and invest in, online marketing. After 2 very difficult years for business, 2022 is set to be the year that companies turn even more of their attention to how they can fix what they have lost.

Whether you have been implementing SEO on your website for a while, or if you are just getting into the swing of things with online marketing, you should know that the world of Search Engine Advertising is always changing and evolving to become more effective and useful for search engine users.

For this reason alone, it is so important that you stay up to date with the times, and start this new year brushing up on what you thought you knew about SEO.

Some trends will come and go, while others are almost guaranteed to become marketing mainstays. But since we can’t predict what trends are going to stick, the best thing you can do is to be aware of what is trending and experiment with the up and coming approaches to SEO, so that you hit all the marks and find what works for your online presence.

1. AI has arrived

AI in the form of Google’s RankBrain algorithm is set to shake things up this year, as it becomes one of the most important ranking factors for Google. RankBrain is Google’s SEO analysis tool and it checks everything from the site’s design to its user friendliness.

2. Get mobile friendly

This has been for a long time coming, as the years leading up to this one have also been all about mobile friendly websites. In 2022, you will see the push to create mobile sites accelerate.

3. Google is about to get serious about shopping

Seeing how well online shops like Amazon does, Google has seen an opportunity and has been enhancing the Google shopping experience through the use of its shopping graph. Now that Google has partnered with Shopify, the experience will go to the next level.

4. Professional SEO Companies become essential

For results that you can bank on, it’s more important than ever to secure services from a professional and experienced SEO company in South Africa and 2022 should definitely be the year that you choose an SEO agency that you can go the long run with. Chopping and changing SEO companies only serves to set your campaign back causing wasted ad-spend. This year, you need to get serious about the company that you are going to work with, to ensure that you enjoy real SEO success in this New Year, and into the future. Look for key performance metrics such as whether the agency drives actual revenue.

5. Long form content is here

Meaningful, interesting, long form pieces that really get to the heart of the matter will be more important than ever this year. Long form content, of about 2000 to 3000 words, get more engagement and are better for SEO.

6. Content quality will be a big deal

Not only is long form content becoming a thing, but quality will also be a big deal. In 2021, content quality wasn’t given enough thought. This will need to change in 2022 if you want your SEO to work well.

7. Video is a must

While content is one factor that will need to be given a whole lot more thought this year, you will also need to turn your attention to video, which is more engaging and easier to take in.

8. Excerpts can rank

In 2022, you won’t have to rank the entire page for it to show up on the web. You can now rank excerpts from your page and enjoy that same SEO magic.

9. User intent

Google has always said it is user focused, and yet there are still websites created for Google and not the user. This year, user intent and search intent will both be a big deal when it comes to ranking factors.

10. Internal links matter (again)

More care and attention needs to be given to how you link your internal page content, both to pages on your site and external sites.

11. Backlink quality matters (again)

In recent years, SEO’s have slacked when it comes to building quality backlinks. This year, Google is once more going to focus on rewarding quality backlinks, and those building bad backlinks might be punished.

12. Existing content

Doing a clean-up and an update of the content that you already have on your website will be a trend in 2022.

13. Evergreen content

Not only will refreshing your existing content help with your rankings, but so will creating evergreen content, the kind that you won’t have to update ever again.

14. Using more social channels

As the web grows, there are more social media channels to use than ever before, so this should be the year that you make the effort to try more of them.

15. Google Discover is going to be a thing

Optimising websites for this feed is going to be a must. Google Discover displays a unique-to-the-user web feed based on their past searches and what they view online.

16. Social PR

Social media is as important as SEO, for some businesses at least, so this year it will be important to track brand image and handles across social media.

17. Competitor advantage

Paying closer attention to website competitors will be a big deal this year, as will making sure that those who you think are your competitors, actually are.

18. Video search will be a big deal

Just as video used in content will be important this year, so will optimising videos for video search. This means Youtube optimisation as well.

19. EAT will be more relevant than ever

The Google concept of EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness) is again going to be important for SEO, as it will be guiding the SEO ranking process.

20. Conversational content will matter

Now more than ever, people want to read content that sounds like a real conversation. And Google has become aware of this, so conversational content is likely to become a big deal this year.

21. Fast loading

It is going to be another year where fast website loading will be an important consideration.

22. Google Core Vitals are back

Recently, Google Core Vitals was rolled out and now it is likely to start affecting your rankings. If you don’t know about this introduction yet, make sure that this year you brush up on it.

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